More Trees around Matilda Bay & the University of Western Australia

I had 2 trips to the University of Western Australia and Matilda Bay this week, and this 2nd trip – I had more time.  So – more trees.

It’s was a strange day and although the river wasn’t glass-like, the reflections of the city are clear, like great pylons sinking down as they spread support beneath the flat plane of earth the skyscrapers rest on:


and the rest is trees:

The flame tree growing outside the cafe.  We sit beneath it and in Spring/Summer, the flame-like, flame-red flowers drop without warning into our coffee.







A wattled honeyeater high in branches:

In the University grounds:

a dead tree surprisingly beautiful and a long tall tree of grace, made of light dappled with shadow:


I don’t know what this tree is but it is impossibly tall and straight:

This tree is coming back from illness and the other is a flame tree in the quadrangle by the Arts Department:


The space between the university & the road:

I found a scribbly gum.  I just love the bark.


But it’s got a freeloader!

This tree has a lovely shape, and so has the other:


So tall:

a gathering of trunks:

A detail of bark & a b&w paperbark detail – with a tiny surprise.  Can you spot it?

Then to my astonishment, I found an oak in the midst of all the natives!

I hope you enjoyed all these trees!  🙂

a short trip out of MtLawleyShire

I went to one of my favourite places to meet a friend – Matilda Bay on the banks of the Swan River.  It wasn’t a long visit, so there was no wandering amongst trees – we had coffee and a wonderful chat, but there was time for a few photos.

The first thing I noticed was the floating pier in the river was almost completely covered in cormorants.  It was rally hard to fit them all in!


Just below where we sat overlooking the river was a small Grevillea bush with its brilliant scarlet flowers:



There is a lovely mix of trees all around the cafe.  Here is Cape Lilac, gum trees and a massive, ancient cypress:

I love the massive strength of the trunk of this cypress:

A cockatoo – I think it’s a major mitchell, but I’m probably wrong) alone in a  tree.  Later I saw a whole flock of them searching for seeds on the grass but – silly me! – I didn’t get a photo.

A lovely stripey sort of gum tree:


It was a short visit 🙂  Hope you enjoyed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Now this was a hard challenge, & I’m damn sure some of you are going to find a few of my few choices decidedly thin on the subject of hands 🙂

I mostly take pics of trees, flowers, gardens and cats – unless I’m at the zoo and there – a kangaroo, front paws like hands – but you wouldn’t want to get too near them, he boxes very well with them.  And the wee cottontop monkey has such clever little hands.


Then there are some trees – my favourite lemon scented gum looks like a great hand at some angles, and this Moreton Bay fig in Brigatti gardens reminded me of a hand cupping its greenery.


Actual hands – really!  🙂  The first is mine pointing to a photo of one of my favourite authors, J. R. R. Tolkien hung on the wall of his pub, The Eagle and the Child, in Oxford.  The other?  My hands holding an absolutely ginormous cup of coffee, also in Oxford, UK.  Both of these were taken in September 2009 while I was attending a conference.


And this?  My lemon scented gum again, sunset coated, a great hand thrusting up towards the sky.

Not a huge showing, this time. A very difficult challenge  😀