Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue.  WordPress and their weekly challenge was a little late, and blue.  I wish I’d been here when it was red.  That would’ve been much easier.  And there’s no blogs for me to ping on my zemanta thing.  Sigh.  Not sure whether to wait for a while, or to post now.

But I found a few blue bits 🙂

Ruins look wonderful, stark against a sky and when the sky is such serene blue as in these photos – Tintern Abbey during an afternoon, and the Abbey ruins coming up to evening:


many blue flowers & I only know the name of one of them.

The first is of blue leschanaultia, a wildflower in the South West of Western Australia – & the photo doesn’t come anywhere near the intensity of these tiny flowers.  The 2nd photo are also native wildflowers.  Both were taken in Kings Park, Perth, during the Wildflower Festival.


Native wildflowers in Hyde Park, 2011:

And this is a tiny flower amongst the growth at the edge of the shingle on the coast of the English Channel – which is itself all grey blues and green blues and finally clear light blue of September Skies


Of course a certain person was going to be here – drinking from a blue bucket, and the other is a green plush monster on a  blue chair:


The blue wall of a room in a B&B in Whitby, North England, & a blue sign in London:


And this is being very cheeky – 2 of my own pieces of artwork: one of unfinished blue dragons, and the other a blue painting of a spooky tree 🙂


Finally – branches of a Jacaranda against an intense blue Perth sky:

I am looking forward to seeing the other weekly photo challenge:blue posts.  🙂