close to home in MtLawleyShire

No great walks over the last couple of days, and I didn’t mean to take photos, but – well, how could I not: sunsets and cats and flowers and trees in flower – and my favourite lemon-scented gum ….

The first walk I saw some roses in people’s gardens:


and then discovered this in a hedge of mexican rose flowing over the fence of a lady’s garden.  I know her and her little dog to say hello to.  One of her neighbours saw me taking photos of this flower and told me its name was ‘Dutchman’s Pipe“, then turned it around to show me why – you can see the shape of a pipe at the back of the flower.  He then found some seeds which I will plant later.


While we were talking, this sweet little tabby purred around my legs but it was too quick for photos of its very sweet little face.  I only got this one:

I walked home in time to catch sunset clouds and the glow in the western sky:



In the last of the light, I saw this wonderful wattle bush in full flower.  The perfume was wonderful.

Coming home was this: the eastern sky filled with reflected sunset pastel colours:

and here she is – waiting for me to come home:

Today I went a little earlier.  I was a warm day, not one cloud and the sunlight was bright.  All the street trees on William Street looked glorious – the paperbarks or cloud blossom trees.  You can see why it’s called cloud blossom.  I love the way one is almost growing around the speed sign.


I managed to take some close-ups of the blossom:


And then, no apologies – I took photos of my favourite tree – growing outside where I used to live.  The great glorious lemon-scented gum:

The tangle of the long thin outer branches, the strength of the core internal branches:


The wonderful chaotic tangle of it:

Branches compartmentalising the sky, looking like elbows:


The strength and size of the trunk and main branches:


and this – this looks just like a hand:

Further down the road, still outside where I used to live, is an ancient Grevillea – with a scarlet flower:

Further down, people had roses in their gardens:


and here is a lovely young gum on the street verge.

And couple of trees had gum nuts (its flowers had been yellow) and red gum blossom.  I love these 🙂


Walking past one place with a huge frangipani tree in flower, there was one dropped on the pavement:

and over the road, a driveway almost swallowed in white Bougainvillea:

I went to my favourite cafe – it has a bookshop next door.  I took a photo of Beaufort Street from inside, but it was too dark to be really successful.


Beaufort Street, looking towards the city.

Then I met my cousin who gave me a ride home, so there were no more photo 🙂

18 comments on “close to home in MtLawleyShire

  1. kdkh says:

    The flowers were beautiful, but I really loved the gum tree’s branches. No wonder it’s your favorite.


  2. eof737 says:

    You must live in the prettiest town. 😉


    • Laughing! No – some people think Perth is lovely, I don’t. I just choose carefully 🙂


      • Van ikin says:

        I agree that you choose very carefully, and with amazing sensitivity and attunement. Speaking as someone who spent the first 29 years of my life in Sydney, but have now spent longer than that in Perth, I do still find aspects of WA that thoroughly beguile me – particularly those days when the sky is perfect blue, and sunny, and there is not one iota of cloud to be seen. After 33 years that still gives me a thoroughly exhilarating sense of space and freedom … but that’s probably because I’m still unconsciously drawing a contrast with dear old Sydney’s more enclosed (and often duller) skies….


      • ah, but taking photos of those skies ain’t much fun. Structured sunsets (full of cloud shapes) are much more fun. & I fear I’m a throwback to my northern ancestors 🙂 I am not a fan of this warm, unreasonable autumn/winter, though last night & tonight have a nice hint of bite 🙂


  3. Van ikin says:

    I think that little tabby knew a photo was being taken … what a perfect, perfectly coy pose!
    I greatly enjoy your journey photoshoots, feeling as if I’m being taken to these places and seeing more clearly and more closely because of the guidance of your alert gaze. Greatly enjoyed, and nice to see the pics of the cafe strip!


    • thanks, Van 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my wee walks 🙂 Did you enjoy the pics of our outting? And yes, that little tabby must’ve known – so cute & alert it was 🙂


  4. cocomino says:

    They are beautiful shots. Some of them are unfamiliar to me. Interesting.


  5. niasunset says:

    As I always I was with you too through these beautiful photographs… Dear Keira, you captured so beautiful flowers… I loved them all… and again your trees… they are amazing. And also the sunset time… But you did a wonderful and lovely shot with this cat too, I loved her/his pose… It was so nice again to be here… Thank you dear Keira, Have a nice day, kisses for your lovely cat, love, nia


    • It was a lovely little cat, Nia. Purring around my legs – & yes, standing up like that. I think she was waiting for the old lady whose garden we were outside. I’m glad you enjoyed all of them.


  6. marviiilous says:

    thanks for taking me for the walk 🙂 i really enjoy the view.


  7. bulldogsturf says:

    I almost feel the walk with you, but felt bad when left behind by your cousin, had to walk home alone without a memory, or snap shot to join me. The roses are gorgeous at the moment, here by us as well, We just don’t have the Hand like trees that you have so close to home. I love every one of your photos and if I was to talk on every one this would not be a comment but an article or blog. So suffice it to say I thank you, wonderful pictures and please, ask your cousin to give me a lift home as well.


    • LAUGHING!!!! Seriously, it’s a 10 minute walk – if you don’t stop to take photos 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed them though. Keira 🙂


  8. mehmudah says:

    The flowers are beautifully captured!


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