A long way from MtLawleyShire #2 The Lake

Lake Joondalup is more of a wetlands than a lake as such, and is certainly not deep.  Barely a metre.  It’s one of a chain of remaining wetlands that once ran down parallel to the coast, and includes Hyde Park which, unlike the others (Lake Monger, Herdsman Lake) was transformed in the 1900’s into an ‘ornamental’ park.  Only the ponds remain there.  Lake Joondalup, like Herdsman lake – & Lake Monger, is a refuge for water birds, and until recently, this lake was dry.  Herdsman Lake, despite being a wildlife refuge, is suffering from too much development.  lake Monger, for the moment, despite being in a heavily built up area, us safe, and has been somewhat landscaped.  Lake Joondalup is the wildest of all of them, though the bush surrounding it is not very deep at all.

I was hoping to see the black cockatoos which a friend told me are here, but saw none.  All we saw were ibis & ducks apart from the 2 heron (there were more) that I managed to photograph.

It’s such a vast space that I really felt the limitations of my little point-and-shoot camera.  It didn’t have enough zoom 😦

The water was incredibly still and the lake is fringed by reed beds which are throughout the space where the water should be.

In areas where there were no reeds, the fringing bush (mostly paperbark from what I could see) were reflected in the water.  the light was weird, changing from cloudy and cool to abruptly sunny & humid and a wee bit unpleasant.





After we had a little picnic on the western-ish side of the lake, we walked and then drive around to the eastern side.  From here, a smoke haze from a bushfire further north was visible and we could smell the smoke.



And here, behind where we had out picnic, a sea of roofs across the waters of the lake:

These are looking north, into the smoke haze.


Next post: trees, but I’ll leave that for tomorrow.  I am thinking it is possibly worth returning.  There is a lake in the grounds of the university…


14 comments on “A long way from MtLawleyShire #2 The Lake

  1. Deborah says:

    the editing software I got with my HP scanner/printer/copier has ‘stitch’ (reasonably priced printer etc, horribly expensive ink).
    and there’s a cheaper, less complex version of photoshop that I have – Photoshop Elements – which I still haven’t learned how to use properly!


    • A freind keeps promising me photoshop – as yet, she hasn’t had time to deliver & apparently tutor 😦 I have no way of ‘stichting’ photos in that way. I know the theory but have nothing on computer that’ll allow it. Buggah 😀


  2. Deborah says:

    I’m glad some of the wetlands are surviving. I can see why you’d want a better zoom for such a great space – although these photos are great anyway. you could get a nice effect too by doing panoramic stitching and joining contiguous photos into one big wide shot


    • Thanks, Deb 🙂 Sadly, don’t have the ‘stitch’ thing in my technical repetoire. Not on the limited editing suite I have anyway. One day – photoshop. One day…


  3. cocomino says:

    It’s very serene and beautiful. The bird is very impressive. I would like to walk around the place.


    • It is, peaceful amidst all the noise and traffic and treeless deserts of housing estates. Sadly – or maybe it’s a good idea that you can’t walk around it. A lot is just bush – although it’s not very deep. It is one of the few refuges for birds remaining.


  4. It is a pity that nature is reclining because of developement. It happens everywere, more some places than other. Liked your photos, interesting post.


    • Thanks 🙂 Limited by the camera which is otherwise a wonderful little thing. But Lake Joondalup is, considering where it is – slap bang in the middle of a built-up area – vast. I am going to try to get up there in winter – if we have a winter, that is. It’s getting warm again 😦


  5. bulldogsturf says:

    I would love to know what camera you have because you get great photos from it.


  6. niasunset says:

    oh dear Keira, these are how beautiful… seems that you did a great day with your camera. How nice these reflections… Like a painting all of them. Thank you, be sure I enjoy be with you through your amazing photographs… Love, nia


    • Thank you, Nia – I think it would have been even better with a camera that had more capabilities. But some of the reflections are good. It was difficult to get near the water except in one area. I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂


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