Between the river and the university

Today I went to visit my old professor at the university of Western Australia.  It is Western Australia’s oldest university & has the most beautiful grounds, filled with huge trees of all sorts – my favourites and others.  So you can imagine – yes.  Photos.  And oh dear.  I took over 200 – in 2 hours!

I can’t post them all, & many aren’t suitable anyway (rain is not good for little cameras – or Keiras!), but even so – there are too many for one post. so I am going to attempt to group them.

As it was raining, some of the photos were hurried & blurred.  But many were OK, though I fear there’s not too many that are brilliant.  However, even in this first post, there are different trees.

First – along the river.  The university is on the banks (sort of) of the Swan River, and I parked in the Matilda Bay carpark.  The city was barely visible through the mist of rain:

trees against the river:


Peppermint trees and a tall gum:


Moreton bay figs in the rain:





Then the area between the road and the university, filled with all sorts of trees – almost wilderness:


These two are trees I haven’t come across in mtlawleyshire, but of course, the university is a long way from my little shire 🙂  I love the colour of these and I really will, soon – I promise – get hold of a reference book so I can figure out what trees these are





The first of the next two photos is, I think, a stringy bark, as the bark hangs off in strips like strings.  They can be very untidy!

and look – more rain coming:

I will do the next post tomorrow – in the grounds of the university.  And this is despite the rain.  And no – no kitty for this part of the post.  How can there be?  And the end of this post, as far as the pictures tell the story, I am still at the university 🙂

8 comments on “Between the river and the university

  1. Roxxroxx says:

    Such lovely pictures… Woo! 🙂


  2. niasunset says:

    Sounds it’s been an exciting day for you dear Keira. Your tree photographs are amazing again… what a beautiful trees and how huge… The river and boats nice too… I am so glad you had rain at the end… I would like to see all your photographs… It is always so nice and exciting you almost take me with you too… Thank you have a nice weekend, with my love, nia


  3. bulldogsturf says:

    I wait all day for the tree lady, and she never lets me down another fine collection even if it was raining. I went out today and did a bit of animal and bird, and posted it, I also took trees but they don’t come out like yours, what’s the secret? I took of old dead trees (Blue Gum) that looked gorgeous to the eye but not so on the computer, got to learn more from yours so keep ’em coming. Missed the cat but alright your not home…..


    • 🙂
      Adter this weekly challenge post, watch out for tomorrow – I got some gems 🙂

      & I’m really glad you enjoy them 🙂 I can’t tell you any 8secret8 ’cause I really don’t know.


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