Weekly Photo Challenge – unfocused

Well, this week’s challenge wasn’t difficult!  Certainly nowhere near as difficult as finding the time to sort out Pingbacks and links.  And I have been trying….

Trees, cats. flowers – you name it – they are all unfocused!

Flowers and leaves:



Trees: one lack of concentration and the other?  I overbalanced (yeah, laugh on).


The moon is always difficult once it;s too high:

Now the fat fluffy kitty – it’s usually low light, so that’s difficult for a start, and then she usually is coming towards me.  It’s a rare shot I can get of her moving.

This one was just so blurred – I tried playing and got pleasing blob which is sort of gigglesome.


I have lots of these – where she moves too fast.

and last, but not least – a camera with a 6.0 mm to 60.0 mm zoom can’t really be expected to take good clear shots of a lunar eclipse – but I tried!


Between the river and the university

Today I went to visit my old professor at the university of Western Australia.  It is Western Australia’s oldest university & has the most beautiful grounds, filled with huge trees of all sorts – my favourites and others.  So you can imagine – yes.  Photos.  And oh dear.  I took over 200 – in 2 hours!

I can’t post them all, & many aren’t suitable anyway (rain is not good for little cameras – or Keiras!), but even so – there are too many for one post. so I am going to attempt to group them.

As it was raining, some of the photos were hurried & blurred.  But many were OK, though I fear there’s not too many that are brilliant.  However, even in this first post, there are different trees.

First – along the river.  The university is on the banks (sort of) of the Swan River, and I parked in the Matilda Bay carpark.  The city was barely visible through the mist of rain:

trees against the river:


Peppermint trees and a tall gum:


Moreton bay figs in the rain:





Then the area between the road and the university, filled with all sorts of trees – almost wilderness:


These two are trees I haven’t come across in mtlawleyshire, but of course, the university is a long way from my little shire 🙂  I love the colour of these and I really will, soon – I promise – get hold of a reference book so I can figure out what trees these are





The first of the next two photos is, I think, a stringy bark, as the bark hangs off in strips like strings.  They can be very untidy!

and look – more rain coming:

I will do the next post tomorrow – in the grounds of the university.  And this is despite the rain.  And no – no kitty for this part of the post.  How can there be?  And the end of this post, as far as the pictures tell the story, I am still at the university 🙂