Quick walk in MtLawleyshire

I wasn’t going to post today, but I actually, despite it being a brief walk while it was light enough, took photos.  And walking home was well after sunset so my little camera stayed in my bag, along with the milk & bread and book I picked up from the post office.

But on my quick walk to Beaufort Street, I passed this group of 3 trees.  The only one I can identify is the box tree.  The others are beautiful though, and the tall old one is of a type I’ve seen in Hyde Park.  I must find out what it is.





and this one, this tall pale gum, was in someone’s yard & I shot it over the fence.

I then met some friends in a cafe (after I’d bought the most fantastic long woolly coat) and as we talked, the sunset began to steal over the sky.  I hadn’t thought it would be at all coloured because of all the clouds, but it was: heavy with the possibility of storm tomorrow (these are all taken from inside the cafe):


these two I played with – but only a little:


this is how it actually looked from the cafe:


I came home and made dinner, and look who sat in the armchair & watched the television!  She really is, watching a program called Star Trek.

crazy cat 🙂


12 comments on “Quick walk in MtLawleyshire

  1. marviiilous says:

    great shots of trees and clouds. and i love the cat too 🙂 how serious her look is!


  2. niasunset says:

    My beautiful friend dear Keira, I want to say Thank you for your nice words on my emotional post today. You are so nice, and I feel myself so lucky with you all.

    I love your looking way to the nature world and especially to these amazing trees… Your poetical spirit into these photographs as being into the words too. Thank you, with my love, nia


    • Dearest Nia, you are very welcome. & yes, I love natural things, even in ‘unnatural’ surroundings – like ‘urban sunsets’ 🙂 I hope you are feeling good. Memories and anniversaries are strange things and bring up all sorts of emotons. I’m so glad you enjoyed my photos 🙂 Keira xxx


      • niasunset says:

        Oh dear Keira, always I enjoy watching your photographs… I love to see the world from your eyes… You know what is precious and beautiful…. Thank you and I feel better today with you all… Have a nice day and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia


      • Nia – thank you 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed them as much as I enjoy taking them 🙂 Keira xxx


  3. I love the colors in the sky..


    • They surprised me – I didn’t think there would be any. Today, day will just merge into dark as it has been raining & heavily clouded. No (visible) sunset tonight.


  4. Miss305 says:

    I absolutely love the sunset pictures that you post! 😀 Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks heaps 🙂 Can’t post one today as it’s been too grey and will become night without pausing for colour. But – there will be more. 🙂


  5. bulldogsturf says:

    Stunning photos once again of the trees, the one has a similar bark to one we get here, the River Bush Willow, but from the photos the leaves are difficult to see, but a stunning set as usual. Kittie Cat as well.


    • thanks 🙂 I doubt it’s the same one, doesn’t look at all willowy to me. Has huge sweeping branches. I should dearch through my Hyde Park phtoos ’cause there’s wonderful examples of the same tree there. Too big to fit into a camera 😀


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