Quick walk in MtLawleyshire

I wasn’t going to post today, but I actually, despite it being a brief walk while it was light enough, took photos.  And walking home was well after sunset so my little camera stayed in my bag, along with the milk & bread and book I picked up from the post office.

But on my quick walk to Beaufort Street, I passed this group of 3 trees.  The only one I can identify is the box tree.  The others are beautiful though, and the tall old one is of a type I’ve seen in Hyde Park.  I must find out what it is.





and this one, this tall pale gum, was in someone’s yard & I shot it over the fence.

I then met some friends in a cafe (after I’d bought the most fantastic long woolly coat) and as we talked, the sunset began to steal over the sky.  I hadn’t thought it would be at all coloured because of all the clouds, but it was: heavy with the possibility of storm tomorrow (these are all taken from inside the cafe):


these two I played with – but only a little:


this is how it actually looked from the cafe:


I came home and made dinner, and look who sat in the armchair & watched the television!  She really is, watching a program called Star Trek.

crazy cat 🙂