Work and a sore foot

Due to work pressures and a sore foot, there was no walking today.  This will happen more and more.  My PhD is demanding work and  have some very serious deadlines coming.  I hope you don’t forget me if I don’t get to post as often.

Today I took some pics in the garden.  They’re not spectacular.  It’s Autumn, despite the warmth, so there aren’t many flowers and my little garden is looking distinctly untidy.

But there are some flowers.  A large begonia has some bells, pale pink and subtle, they are pretty,but difficult to photograph:


Some herbs are flowering – red basil and the rosemary, but not many flowers – only one spike on the basil and about 5 on the rosemary:


one tiny pot of everlastings are still flowering, and a self seeded flower is growing in an unemptied but otherwise untenanted pot (obviously, this flower has become the tenant!):


some jasmine is flowering both over the pergola and amongst the ivy flowering over the back fence (the ivy is very untidy so no photograph):


and then there’s the untidy, usually ugly hedge between my place and the unit next door.  This is the only time of year it looks OK, mostly it is rather ugly, full of dead growth and it’s very invasive, especially over areas where I hang my washing!  But its yellow flowers are surprisingly pretty and I have a suspicion that a pair of singing honeyeaters nest there:


This is one of the areas of massed green in my little courtyard – lavender and dogsbane:

and I love the shape of rue leaves:


And of course she was in the garden – the sweetest flower of all:

Then evening came, with the beauty of the evening star above the lingering sunset:

and that is all.  No trees 😦

maybe tomorrow…..if I do enough work today.



10 comments on “Work and a sore foot

  1. marviiilous says:

    no worries. trees arent going nowhere 🙂


  2. niasunset says:

    Good Luck my dear Keira, this is so important. I loved your flowers and your lovely cat… I love you and your cat, have a nice and enjoyable working times… Love, nia


  3. I like treees, and I like flowers. Nice pictures!


  4. bulldogsturf says:

    Loved the flowers, a favorite of mine, must admit missed the trees, always such interesting compositions. But a PhD is very important.


  5. David says:

    Understand your PhD demands. Went through all that in the past, earning my degree in 2000. Good luck!


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