Bellissimo – an urban sunset over mtlawleyshire

I didn’t walk further than the corner to catch the sunset.

The houses there have wild, secretive gardens and in one, flowering wattle spilled over the fence.  It was after sunset when I took these, and I’m afraid they’re not too clear at all.  My little camera doesn’t handle low light at all well, and the flash would flare everything out.  Sigh.


so I played a little – though not sure the results are all that fantastic.


There are peppermint street trees on this particular corner.  Not anciently thick, craggy ones like those in the heart of mtlawleyshire.  These are younger, slimmer and haven’t achieved their full form yet.  When they do, they will be amazing – they have incredibly divided trunks – which might mean they were chopped down at some stage and have grown from the stump, though I couldn’t see any sign of that.  And they were taken against the sunset:


But beautiful against the sky:

and this is in a garden – a mix of trees, their foliage against evening:

And here is the sunset:



I actually spent most of the time I usually take photos talking to an old lady who lives on the corner where I was taking photos.  She hardly spoke any English, yet she came here from Italy 44 years ago.  She never went to school, never worked, but spent most of the time looking after her elderly parents.  Her children?  One is in Italy, the other visits every now and then.  Yet she didn’t seem at all worried.  I’m glad I made her laugh.  She agreed that the sunset was ‘bellissimo’  🙂


26 comments on “Bellissimo – an urban sunset over mtlawleyshire

  1. imexcited says:

    Bellisimo indeed!


  2. […] Bellissimo – an urban sunset over mtlawleyshire ( […]


  3. Madhu says:

    Those trees are beautiful! And the sunset too 🙂


  4. marviiilous says:

    lovely orange sky!


  5. niasunset says:

    Sun rises and sun goes… it is same for all of us in the world… but but but it is not same… 1) in everywhere it seems different… because of geographic details… 2) a photographer brings us a new touches of these sunset and sunrise views as if we have never seen before…

    so in these two items came together now in your amazing shots dear Keira, fascinated me and I wanted to be there while the sun is rising and also going down… How beautiful…

    Your trees another fascination for me… They are talking everytime from a miles away with me… 🙂

    Thank you, it was a great and BELLISIMO post… Love, nia


    • yes, sunset & sunrise every day. I don’t usually see the sunrise, and this time of year with clouds – even if not always rain – not always sunset either. But this was pretty. Thank you Nia 🙂


  6. tutankhamon61 says:

    Congratulations for this post!


  7. Any garden that’s filled with old trees has to be a place of great charm. The rest is just window dressing, easily trained. I’m in:)


  8. Wild secretive gardens where the wattle still flowers. Sounds like my kind of place! 🙂


    • laughing 🙂 They are very much suburban gardens! But filled with old trees and ground covers that flower in the spring. And the wattle is almost over, but will come back again…


  9. cocomino says:

    What a nice sunset.


  10. bulldogsturf says:

    Ahhhh the photos of the trees how I enjoy them, what a lovely sunset, and the flowering wattle, beautiful, all magnificent.


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