a brief trip out of mtlawleyshire

It was a very brief trip, to West Perth, and I didn’t have long at all, but of course, there were trees 🙂

It’s an area of businesses and specialist consulting rooms, and just a few blocks from King’s Park, but its been altered and re-altered.  All the buildings are modern and there are not many ancient trees.  Most of the street trees are either the box tree (not a favourite of mine & not a native either) or peppermint trees.

Here is a young one, and it’s not really visible in the picture, but it has a supporting stake.  It won’t be long before it no longer needs it.

It certainly looks small against its adult neighbours:


There was also a Cape Lilac tree.  These are not natives, and most regard them as pests, but they are tall graceful things with lovely arrangements of leaves and branches.  And – in Spring, they have clusters of tiny lilac flowers and spread a lovely perfume over the area.  Yes, they do spread seedlings everywhere, but I still love them:

their branches are long and graceful, the leaves a bright, intense green, dappling trunks and ground with shadow patterns.



There was, within the short area I walked (half a block) only the one tall gum, too tall even though it looked to be fairly young, to fit within the camera’s frame (I couldn’t walk back far enough without entering a building!):


and it had a sapling, difficult to photograph clearly in the surroundings:


Mostly, there were box trees. I think it’s one of the Queensland Box tree.   These I consider unfriendly – I like going barefoot & these trees drop gum nuts everywhere and shed leaves all year around.  It’s a painful experience, treading on those gum nuts and all the leaves just make the areas around them dry and dead looking.  But, I must admit, some of these trees do have wonderfully tangled branches:



Box tree in front and the tall young gum behind:

A street of box trees:

some have variegated leaves which looks odd:

There was a glimpse of the city over the tree tops ( I nearly got run over taking this one!):

& just in case you thought she wasn’t going to appear:

Fast sleep 🙂