A Magnolia in Mt LawleyShire: a photo essay on time

The magnolia flower I have been waiting for opened before I went out in the morning, and I inhaled the perfume before I saw it.





It closed for the evening.

The morning saw it opened wide





She watched me taking photos

Then it rained




Tonight’s welcome rain will weigh down the petals and tomorrow, only the seed stem will remain and the perfume will be gone.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I have found a few pics that give different interpretations of ‘together’.

And no – haven’t found the time to organize ‘pingback’ and stuff.  I always look at other entries as well 🙂  I am wondering if there is something I haven’t done right in setting up this blog 😦

Art together with a street wall give the street character (a corner on Beaufort Street)

Together as a family they will survive (Hyde Park, Perth).

Massed together, these flowers look stunning, and together, the plane trees form an avenue (Hyde Park, Perth).


Together, this wee jumping spider and I shared a moment (my desk).

Light and shade together dapple this Moreton Bay fig (Hyde Park, Perth).

Seagulls crowded together begging for scraps (Matilda Bay).

Together, these galahs will build their nest and raise a family.

Together – the sunset and the moon.

Together we build cities, and together we remember fallen soldiers.


and finally – six garden gnomes together with fat kitty.