Mtlawleyshire, night and fairy tales

I walked down William Street today, on the way to meet a friend for coffee.  It had been strange day – all day it had been cloudy, as though the air itself was brooding.  No rain, just heavy air and a silence despite the sounds of traffic.  She wasn’t happy to see me go.

I was surprised to see the cloud blossom trees in flower – different trees this time



Some flowers, a little closer.  They are just a little too high for me to get a good shot without zooming (I am rather small)


This one had grown to envelope a telephone pole 🙂


The first of the next shots is the last of the wattle, and this brilliantly red tree caught my eye amongst all the green street trees. One day, I will go down that street. So much green!  All those trees!


And here is my old friend, the lemon-scented gum that is so massive you can’t fit it into a photo without standing almost a block away.  It is one of the largest trees in the area, and that includes the Moreton Bay figs of Hyde park!



I love how the great branches taper through the chaos of smaller branches into the delicate tangled tracery of thin long flexible twigs which is where most of the leaves are.


And now, Hyde Park.  I hadn’t realized how dark it was  when I got there, and my little camera doesn’t do well in low light.  So, many of the photos were blurred. As a result, I had some fun 🙂

These first 2 are from when I walked beneath the trees and too shots of the branches against the canopy.  There was enough light between the leaves to confuse the camera’s sensors.


Then the Moreton Bay figs.


This next one intrigued me with its almost fluted pillars:

here they are a little closer:



The next shots I took were all blurred.  I played when I got home – with the images:



I took a shot of the water, but I was still too far into the trees

This is what it actually looked like when I came out from under the trees: the water green with algae.  It has been very warm the last few days, and warm nights as well.  It is not good for the water quality, as there is now so little of it.

But I didn’t stay. I was running late for my coffee date, and the light was no good for taking photos, so I left, but not without taking some more.  And when I got home, none of them were any good.  So I played and discovered the secret fairy tale world within Hyde Park:


I will have to discover more of this world, I think 🙂

Over the road from the cafe is a florist, and I found these: Banksia flowers:


I will have to find trees somewhere for you.  They don’t grow in Mt Lawley Shire – I have to go further out, or maybe King’s Park.

Finally, the cafe – and here is a corner.  I like all the lines and wooden boxes and cups (for me to have my coffee in!)

Here are some shots of the city from the cafe.  It is a different perspective from the post I did above the city – those 3 buildings I last saw from above!

And here is Beaufort Street looking north – the way I went home.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk.  Next time – my magnolia flower.

Keira 🙂

14 comments on “Mtlawleyshire, night and fairy tales

  1. HoaiPhai says:

    Thanks for taking me along! Just wondering, does Australia produce coffee? Indonesia does and that’s right in the neighbourhood.


    • I think up in the north east, though I’m not sure. Indonesia is considerably north of where I am, neighbouring the northering Kimberly & Darwin 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the pics.


  2. Banksias! Fabulous! What’s the florist charging for them? It’s spring and yet not here – much like over there it’s not really autumn – and the flower pics are just what I need right now. Cafe looks dinky, but I don’t know how long the btm would be comfortable for on that stool. Place looks like a rustic version of 130 (another cafe I miss a lot – and please tell me it’s still there). The trees are lovely, as ever, and I like the effects you’re playing with. That last b&w of the MBF is very dramatic, and reminds me to ask if you’ve seen The Raven yet? I doubt it will come up here so I’ll have to wait for dvd.


    • Hello 🙂 I have no idea what the florist is charging & to me, they look like those from further north – Geraldton, around there. The cafe was Merchants on Beaufort. It’s OK, but wanky, & the reason I was in that corner, and clambered up onto that sool is that it was the only seat left in the joint. When my friend joined me, other seat came free – thank God! No haven’t seen The Raven, but did see Super 8 & The Rise of teh Planet of the Apes. Enjoyed both immensely & for different reasons. Super 8 really is like a 50’s monster flick, complete with satisfactory ending. Rise of teh planet of teh Apes surprised the ehll out of me – not corny at all, plot holes visible only after a day or so, and real emotion driving character & plot.
      Glad you liked my fey trees 🙂


  3. niasunset says:

    Fascinated me again these trees… And you really did great image and also so artistic too. I loved all of them… Thank you dear Keira, with love, nia


  4. vnettum says:

    Which program do you use for your pictures? Really beautiful are they anyway 🙂 And your cute little cat is always there hihi!


    • Picassa. Mostly, I just adjust contrast and then add a frame so they look both more complete and separate from each other on the page. I’m glad you liked them 🙂 & yes, my little cat is always there 🙂


  5. Inga says:

    How nice to take a walk with you 🙂


  6. bulldogsturf says:

    It is really great to take a walk down the street with you, your eye for detail outstanding, I love the pictures you share with us, the trees are fascinating. Have you seen my flowers on my other blog?


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