Clouds over mtlawleyshire

I wasn’t going to do a post today, but I then saw these photos of clouds and sunsets that sunsets that don’t seem to have much fire, and I played around with contrasts and –

well, it was really interesting.

The first six photos are not really enhanced, but a little light & dark contrasts to bring into focus what I saw that day.  What do you see?


and a few days later:


See anything?

These next were of a not especially vibrant sunset.  I played with the contrasts to produce almost violent images.  I’ve included the milder originals for comparison.

Fascinating, isn’t it.  I don’t normally do this to my photographs, and now that I’ve done it – I have to wonder: how do we trust the image?  I have taken literally hundreds of sunsets over the last summer, and some are incredibly colourful, almost violent, and intense with clouds and sunset flaring through them with so much heat and intense colour – those you probably wouldn’t believe were not enhanced, but I haven’t done a damn thing to them.  Still, this has been a very interesting exercise.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I know – it’s not as pretty as flowers & neither are they as graceful as trees, but I like clouds too 🙂

14 comments on “Clouds over mtlawleyshire

  1. HoaiPhai says:

    In the first two picture, a horse (of course). Now I realize #3 is still the horse cloud” but it also suggests an old man who has a bushy beard and moustache being blown by the wind. #4 and #5 look to me like a heron or crane, but that’s just me!

    I did a post a while ago, “Head in the Clouds: A Case of Pareidolia”, you might be interested in seeing.


  2. vnettum says:

    I can also se the horse! Funny.. But in the fifth pic I can se a monster maybe a shark, you can se the teeths? Lovely!


  3. Joanna Fay says:

    Very interesting, Keira, bringing attention to ‘how we see’ in this era of image manipulation. A subtle and complex topic, since the human eye itself sees less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum…image manipulation is, in fact, a reminder of the extreme limitations imposed by our narrow visual range. Actually, I am quite sure that some people do ‘see’ a little more of that spectrum with the naked eye…but it is mind-blowing to even try to imagine what we might be seeing if we saw 99% more of the spectrum!!! The same goes for the auditory field – we are running ourselves within a very narrow band and calling it ‘reality’ and imposing that sense perception individually and culturally as ‘the real’. Images and sounds that help us to loosen up this tight definition are an interesting counterpoint to what we see and hear, in my view. 🙂


    • All very true, and all I did was add shadow & contrast, but it was fascinating to watch the images change. & yes, I have to wonder what other beings saw: like birds, insects….


  4. Beautiful and you are right, it does make you wonder abut how much you can trust photographs. Still beauty is beauty whatever way it is got.


  5. niasunset says:

    Oh dear Keira, these are amazing… And I see a woman in number 2 &3 … trying to reach out with her hands… This is amazing… Do I see same thing with you? Clouds in the contrast are amazing too dear Keira, I loved them all. Thank you dear Keira, with my love, nia


    • Oh Nia – thank you 🙂 For me, in the first 3, there is a suggestion of a unicorn’s head, in the next 3, a winged horse gathering itself and flying away. & I was fascinated how a quiet sunset, with a little extra shadow, turns menacing and amazing. I am so glad you loved them, Nia 🙂


  6. zannyro says:

    I saw a horses head in the first three, or maybe a “seahorse”. 🙂


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