Clouds over mtlawleyshire

I wasn’t going to do a post today, but I then saw these photos of clouds and sunsets that sunsets that don’t seem to have much fire, and I played around with contrasts and –

well, it was really interesting.

The first six photos are not really enhanced, but a little light & dark contrasts to bring into focus what I saw that day.  What do you see?


and a few days later:


See anything?

These next were of a not especially vibrant sunset.  I played with the contrasts to produce almost violent images.  I’ve included the milder originals for comparison.

Fascinating, isn’t it.  I don’t normally do this to my photographs, and now that I’ve done it – I have to wonder: how do we trust the image?  I have taken literally hundreds of sunsets over the last summer, and some are incredibly colourful, almost violent, and intense with clouds and sunset flaring through them with so much heat and intense colour – those you probably wouldn’t believe were not enhanced, but I haven’t done a damn thing to them.  Still, this has been a very interesting exercise.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I know – it’s not as pretty as flowers & neither are they as graceful as trees, but I like clouds too 🙂