flowers around mtlawleyshire

These are photos that have been sitting, waiting to be posted for a while.  So, as I haven’t walked anywhere interesting (supermarkets – you don’t really want a post of  supermarket, do you?) today, I thought I would post them.

They aren’t all flowers 🙂

First: roses – all from other people’s gardens or street verges.








It seems there are always roses somewhere.

The next are a gorgeous creeper/climber: mexican rose:


a whole wall of it:

and a rare shot of actual Bougainvillea flowers: the tiny white flowers in the centre of the brilliantly coloured leaves – because that is what they are: leaves giving the huge creepers all that brilliant colour:

these are two hibiscus:


I should one day take a photo of my own – a pale yellow.  Next time…

The next are azalea

Now the next ones are the flowers on the umbrella tree.  There are many of these in Perth and they are pests – they suck up far too much water, grow huge and their roots damage everything.  And they grow so fast they crowd out most other things, including native plants.

I don’t know what this is – it’s not the most attractive plant, tall grass-like clumps with wide blade leaves, but when flowering, they can look magnificent in clumps of towering scarlet – but this has a surprise in it – can you see?

yes – the little singing honeyeater.  I sometimes get them in my own little garden.

Pink jasmine trailing picturesquely over a white garden fence.

A bird of paradise flower.  Sadly, the great clump of this plant was neglected and most of the flowers bedraggled.  This was the best shot I could get of a flower & it really deserved better.

The next are pretty flowers that I don’t know the names of:



and this one has interesting leaves in the shot.

then there are oak leaves – I can never resist those.


And here is the galah, guarding its nesting hole in the lemon-scented gum.  I’m so happy it’s still there.

Some honeysuckle:

And here are two Grevillea – these are cultivars, developed by nurseries so their growing habit is more tree like instead of the untidy, eccentric sprawl it often has naturally – which I like, but these cultivars have lovely flowers:


Grass seed heads looking rather lovely:

and two street verge gardens, one colourful with flowers (including some white roses that you’ve seen above) and one green


and at the end of all walks – there she is 🙂