Beyond and above Mtlawleyshire

What a day I had today!

It started with the cat on the pergola roof grabbing some sun.  It was a cloudy sort of day and though there was no rain forecast, it felt like it really might.

Then my friends picked me up for a dinner at a surprise location – the revolving restaurant at the top of one of the taller buildings in Perth: St Martin’s Tower.  Oh!  I was a little scared. I hate lifts and it was all the way up the top.  But we got there and then?

Oh.  Goodness!  I have never seen Perth like this, apart from when I leave on a ‘plane, and even that is usually at night (not that I do it often anyway).

I have tried to organize the photos, and I know they aren’t very good, and most are unclear.  I had some fun with the difficult reflections from inside the restaurant as well, but it does give you an idea of the sprawl of Perth, the most isolated capital city in the world.

So first – city buildings….

This blue building made a nice frame, looking down on the Barrack Street Jetty with the Bell Tower visible in the 2nd one.  Perthites are divided on what they think of the Bell Tower.  I think it is a complete waste of money, though thee are many who like it.



This is the beginning of my own William Street:

Beaufort Street, from the city to the north:

Some lovely parts of the city.  The first is St George’s Anglican Cathedral and buildings over the road from the Supreme Court Gardens and others.


St Mary’s Catholic cathedral – it’s tucked in near the Royal Perth Hospital.  It’s old for Perth, as is St George’s, both being built in the mid to late 1800’s.

Governor’s residence and gardens and the Perth Concert Hall.


Very tall buildings that seemed to be all reflections (I later found out it was the Exchange building)



The art gallery, the library, the central Plaza. I have set a novel around all this.

Views of Kings Park and beyond, and rain veils!



The river es ever present & the shots don’t do it just – window reflections, my lack of ability and sometimes, my wonderful little camera is really just that – too small.

In the middle photo you can see Fremantle Ports waaaaay in the distance.


River and suburbs stretching south and south-west.


Hyde Park in the midst of MtLawleyShire.  This is the inner suburbs and onwards, looking north.  Uncounted miles of them!



Looking east:



Looking west:


I know there are some photos I have forgotten to include, but I think that’s most of the clearest ones.  The reflections, the strange lighting all made it quite challenging.  It was a wonderful experience, though.  And then it was time to go.

Back on the ground.

I hate those long lift trips, but I must admit, it was worth it. The food was lovely, the service very nice, and we had laughs, the 3 of us, frequently because of me standing up and taking photos instead of eating.

It was strange seeing the buildings from the ground:


And the highly reflective blue building assumes an entirely different aspect from the ground:

and a lovely old building I think is a pub:



& some trees & a little city art that has always intrigued me.  These are the Supreme Court Gardens that we saw from waaaaay above, but not the sad Moreton Bay fig.  It really doesn’t look happy, not even with a little editing/enhancing.



And I get home to find that someone else was having her very own rooftop moment:

18 comments on “Beyond and above Mtlawleyshire

  1. Kah Wai says:

    May i know from where u took the photo that show the horseshoe bridge in northbridge? do u have more photos about the bridge in bird eye view?


    • I don’t know if I have more photos. I will have to search. It was taken from the revolving restuarant in St Martin’s Tower, Perth. Can I ask why you want to know? 🙂


  2. HoaiPhai says:

    Wow, Perth is so lovely! Great pictures!


  3. Anna says:

    Loved this post, thank you! I visited the city about 10 years ago and Perth is easily my favourite place in Australia – Nature everywhere, and we also encountered some amazing street theatre. And we saw dolphins swimming in the canals!


    • canals? Must’ve been Mandurah, though I’ve often seen them in the river. I’m glad you liked the photos 🙂 THanks. Keira 🙂


      • Anna says:

        Oh, perhaps it was the river…but I so loved the fact they were right in the middle of the town and so happy to be there! And your photos are great – thank you x


      • Yah – it’s really something seeing them. I usually see them when I’m having coffee in the Matilda Bay tearooms by the University. & thanks for liking my photos 🙂 Want to see more of your artwork too


  4. niasunset says:

    WOW! This was so nice dear Keira… I enjoyed and loved so much… As if I was with you too… You captured so beautiful photographs… So beautiful… And sure, your lovely cat too! Unbelievable… Thank you dear Keira, have a nice day, with my love, nia


  5. It’s a pretty awesome view from up there isn’t It? Sounds like you had a great day.


  6. Van ikin says:

    Very impressive and hugely enjoyable. Some of this is territory I know, but at ground level, and to get your skytop view was just amazing. I really thank you for sharing! Amazing to see those rooftop gardens on buildings on or near Adelaide Terrace, all completely invisible to ground-level Perthites….


    • Thanks, Van. There were about 100 I didn’t post, and some are just as interesting, & those rooftop gardens are amazing. It is an astonishing perspective 🙂


  7. Karen Wan says:

    Loved taking this journey with you, but especially enjoy the cat pictures. So much fun! I very much enjoy your blog!


  8. zannyro says:

    What an awesome experience..thanks for taking all of us along! Something I would NEVER have seen 🙂


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