The eastern border of mtlawleyshire

On Friday, my camera and I took a little drive to the eastern borders of MtLawleyshire – a park on the banks of the Swan River.  It’s a ‘people’ park – it has an oval for sports, a children’s playpark, basketball practice area and through it runs the cycling track that goes throughout Perth.  It is still in Mt Lawley itself, whereas Hyde Park is actually just in Highgate, even though it is only 10 minutes walk from where I live, and this park would take at least 20 minutes to walk – maybe longer.

Despite being a park with all sorts of areas for activities, it still has its quiet areas, its tree areas, and, of course, the river, as well as small wetlands.  Unlike Hyde Park, it still has that sense of the wilderness that must have been, not so long ago.  Now it is a wealthy area, in fact, I parked on the richest street in Perth, and to live in such an area, yes I can see why you would want to.  Quiet and very beautiful.

The first things I saw were the plane trees.  Not as many as in Hyde Park, and closer to the road.



and there were the beautiful Moreton Bay figs:




And this one: the most astonishing Moreton Bay I have ever seen:

Then there were very many native gum trees – all beautiful.

This is the bark from one:

Then there are these:


The sheoaks and bottlebush make wonderful delicate patterns with their branches and foliage:



and here are sheoaks at the river’s edge:

These trees are like great shaggy border guards on the river’s edge: the edge of MtLawleyShire 🙂

Here are more pictures from the edge, the border:




And yes, we come to the water’s edge which is also part of a small wetlands.  It’s filled with grasses and strange trees and something that looks like flowering heather, but it can’t be:




On the other side, there are trees too 🙂

and when I came home?

Yes, she was in my chair!

Tomorrow, there will be a post of me out of – and above MtLawleyshire!

I hope you have enjoyed my little excursion to the eastern borders of my little ‘shire’.  Keira 🙂

13 comments on “The eastern border of mtlawleyshire

  1. HoaiPhai says:

    Beautiful photos! Those trees look so exotic and, some of them, spooky.


    • In some light, perhaps they would look spooky – but up close, they are wonderful things. Some are certainly old and indifferent to humans, I agree 🙂 I’m glad you like the post. It’s an interesting park.


  2. niasunset says:

    I fall in love always with your tree photographs…. you are amazing. Thank you dear Keira, I enjoy and I love so much your photography… Kisses and Blessing for your love cat, Thank you, with my love, nia


    • Thank you, Nia. It amazes me that I used to live in this area, but back then, it wasn’t a park, it was wilderness. I had gone looking for it this day and instead, found sculptured parklands with the wildness lying beyond reach. I’m glad you liked it 🙂


  3. How great to see someone get out and about and take all of the photos that you do, it’s inspiring. If you don’t mind me asking what park is this? It looks great


    • Hi Andrea (you ended up in my spam! Not impressed!!). GLad you like my little photos 🙂 This is Banks Reserve on hte edge of the Swan in – well, technically Mt Lawley. I lived around that area a long time ago when we first moved to Perth. It’s a nice, hidden little place house-wise, and I think this has become a park over the decades, unless I was after an area further towards the city…..I am going to have to go exploring again…


      • Oh not sure why I ended up in your spam, never mind. Thanks for that I wouldn’t mind going and having a look there, it looks great.


      • me either, but you did again! Glad I have the habit of checking my spam! If you do go check it out – can’t wait for your photos! It’s such a wide sweep of river & sky that my wee camera (a point & shoot) can’t quite encompass. And that day there were brilliant clouds.


      • It’s on Joel Terrace if that helps. And I’ve just realized that yes, it is the area we used to walk around. So the wilderness is mostly gone now. Sad.


      • Again! Never mind. Yeah I might go and have a look and see what I think I can do there first and then wait for the right weather. It’ll be fun. I have a wide angle so I can fit in a fair bit, you can also do a panoramic stitch too so I can fit in heaps doing it that way too.


      • And yet again! Never mind. Shall continue checking my spam – especially for when you get there. I’m going to be terribly envious 🙂 It’s going to be fine at least until the weekend, and warmer too, damn it!


  4. Absolutely, enjoyd the excursion!


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