a walk this week in the heart of mtlawleyshire

Yes, Hyde Park again, and a few days ago.  It’s been a crazy week, with birthday and all, so I am a little behind with everything.

It was fun revisiting the photos.  That day was hot and sunny which was lovely for the light.  Today is almost cold, but it is getting warmer again early next week.  This is not a good Autumn, though Hyde Park reflects the best of it.

Kitty sat on the desk, none too pleased I was going

I passed lovely bark, wattle flowers, a very strangely shaped tree in the bare front yard of a block of apartments, and saw a magpie on the topmost branches of the lemon scented gum:


Then I was at the traffic lights, on the other side of the road to Hyde Park.  I got this shot of a Norfolk pine with the traffic lights beside it for scale:


Then I was in the park – a riot of green and branches and strong sunlight:


& of course, the Moreton Bay figs.


A tree whose foliage made lace against the sky:

An ancient paperbark whose twisted form is almost lost sometimes amidst the more glorious greens and golds,  I love its bark.  It’s very soft to the touch as well:


The plane trees growing ever more beautiful as this warm Autumn progresses:



the water in the ponds falls lower and lower – this is a shot of some of the roots exposed like grasping hands:

but there is still enough there for water birds like spoonbills, ibis, ducks – and of course, and beautiful reflections:






& who was waiting for me when I got home?

Tomorrow – some flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this.  Keira 🙂

13 comments on “a walk this week in the heart of mtlawleyshire

  1. elspethc says:

    This is one of the most beautiful posts I have seen. I will return to get a closer look too at some, and I think I might see more of that pussycat if I trawl your site! thanks for following me, Elspeth


  2. Snapshooter says:

    Lovely colors in the river, so punchy. 🙂


  3. Hello Keira! Your photos from the park, and especially the trees, are so great! And happy birthday to you! 🙂


  4. zannyro says:

    Thank you for a lovely walk today! So many beautiful trees! Thanks again 🙂


  5. niasunset says:

    Happy Birthday dear Keira, I hope you had a nice Birthday. Please sorry I couldn’t come to your party, because I couldn’t find any ticket for planes… 🙂

    I miss you dear Keira, but I guessed how you were busy… I love your trees… They are so beautiful and each of them is a very impressive character… And you really talk to them with your camera or opposite of this… Also there are some photographs with the reflections, fascinated me. If you don’t mind I want to make some of them digital paintings for you and if you would like them they would be my Birthday present for you. The colours are amazing… And these birds too… Your Hyde Park like a magical or fantastic park… How I wished to have a park like that one in here too… For a park I should go a long way… :((((((( But of course we don’t have trees like yours… Wattle flowers… our Mimosa… I think. so beautiful, are they smelling too… But ours seem in these days, in spring… we don’t see them during autumn… but autumn in there maybe much more like our spring… I try to logical thinking 🙂

    Finally your lovely cat, she is my best of best… Why do they like to be at our desk? Do you know there is a basket bed on my desk just for her… otherwise she comes and lays on keyboard…. 🙂

    Thank you so much dear Keira, it is great and enjoyable voyage for me to be here… Have a nice day, with my love, nia


    • Dear Nia – I would be honoured to receive your paintings 🙂 My birthday was lovely – & still going! Meeting freinds and friends – and still, there is dinner on Saturday!
      The trees are all beautiful, they really are. I do love them all. THe birds are always amazing, and this year, we are so lucky there is still water. Last year, the years before, they have all flown away to find water. It is a magical place. You are right.
      One day, perhaps you will come to Perth & if I am still here, I would love to walk in Hyde Park with you 🙂
      Keira xxx


      • niasunset says:

        I hope one day… but it takes a long time to fly there… I can’t travel in a long ways… But who knows maybe I can make one day. Otherwise I wish so much… Have a nice dinner on Saturday, I am going to work now with some of your photographs, Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia


      • yes, Nia, we are a long way from anywhere 😦 I am looking forward to your paintings. xx


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