Feline Scribes

Feline Scribes


A black cat curls

like careless calligraphy,

A grey kitten’s soft in outline:

more a pencil smudge.

Between the written words

Strolls a white cat,

silent and haughty;

A sturdy black and white cat?  A page,

Moving on;

Or a cat white and grey?  Uncertainty –

A testing of letters before applying the ink;

A Russian Blue shows off elegance,


a lettering of style.

The light russet brown of a young Abyssinian

Implies the start of a sepia illustration:

Nothing watered down yet,

Paint still strong and fresh.

An orange tabby provides stronger tones

To artwork,

shading against the brown;

A Siamese grants gradations, subtleties,

Complexities –

and voice;

Burmese, Tonkenise draw deeper shadows

Like the surprise in words;

A young long-haired cat

playfully fat and black

adds motion, sensation.

And a tortoiseshell?

Well, she just doesn’t fit,

Won’t make sense in words or pictures

So we’ll leave her out of it.


(written 12/05 – 12/08)  Keira


(not how I wanted to format it, but after struggling for over an hour, this is what I am forced into.  I wanted to use the curled cat as quotation marks 😦  but the fixed format has little flexibility )