Within MtLawleyShire – another park

This is a small park over the road from the campus of my university: Ron Stone park.  The Wast Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), part of Edith Cowan University, often do performances there.

It’s nothing like Hyde Park, but does have a pond with one island and is frequented by water birds.  There are many Jacaranda trees, and in Spring, they do look stunning, but I’ve concentrated on the island.  In the centre is a huge gum tree – I don’t know it’s a ghost gum or not, but has a white trunk.  I know it’s not a lemon scented – it’s growing habit it way too straight.  And I couldn’t get any close-ups except for zoom, because there’s no way onto the island.



It’s a pretty little place, the island, all delightful shadows, colours & tangles.  This is the island from a distance which gives you some idea of the height of the gum:


And this is a view of the island side on:

The following are zoomed shots of the plants on the island, at the foot of the tall white gum.


There are extensive reed beds, exposed by the low water levels, and they look astonishingly green.

Various views of the island and reflections of trees in the grounds around the pond, with Autumn colours belying the hot temperatures we’ve been experiencing:



There are some fascinating trees but I ran out of time, so only 3 today.  But I will be going to uni again, so there will be more:


And here is a magpie lark who kindly posed for me:


I hope you enjoyed my little sojourn in the easterly edge of MtLawleyShire.

Keira 🙂

18 comments on “Within MtLawleyShire – another park

  1. mehmudah says:

    Beautiful and so calming! I could really use a break there!


    • Thank you 🙂 It is a small splot of serenity within suburbia, much like Hyde Park is a bigger splot 🙂 I think it’s the water in both that makes them special.


  2. Van ikin says:

    I think armchair travellers and the overworked of this world should give you a medal! It’s great having these mini-sojourns lob into the email-box, and you really are a talented photographer. Keep it up!


  3. andy1076 says:

    Beautiful photos 🙂 unfortunately here in Vancouver we are still stuck with unpredictable weather otherwise I would be out enjoying too 🙂


  4. intergenerational says:



  5. niasunset says:

    Oh dear Keira, of course this is so enjoyable… I love your beautiful places and you are lucky to have all these amazing parks and trees… They are so beautiful… I am crazy with them. And you captured them so nicely, you almost carried me there too… Thank you. And seems that magpies like my cats in the city, 🙂 how nice they gave a pose to you… Loved them too. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


    • I’m so glad you liked it, Nia. And yes, the little magpie larks often seem unafraid. But it is a magpie lark – I will have to find a photograph of a magpie so you can tell the difference 🙂 I know I have some somewhere…. 🙂 xxx


      • niasunset says:

        Oh dear magpie and magpie lark are different… Sorry I really don’t have well ideas about them… When we go out of the city, I can see them but not easy to take their pictures, they are very fast and they afraid too… But these are, I mean your magpie larks seem so friendly and as you said unafraid… This is so nice… I think now why… 🙂 They love you and they trust you… love, nia


      • I am looking for a magpie – you will see the difference. Magpies are almost as large as crows – the same family. Magpie larks are smaller, but black as white which is how they got their name, I suppose.


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