Cat and Garden

   Today was a day full of doctors and appointments.  So no walking around the park or the streets to see what all the trees and flowers are doing.  Clothes washing instead, probably just in time for the rain that has been threatening all day.  It wasn’t particularly pleasant: looks like Autumn, but is too warm.

When I got home, there was Fat Kitty wanting cuddles:

but more importantly, lemon grass.  The trouble is that, while it doesn’t feel like Autumn, some plants are acting as though it really is Autumn – some trees are losing coloured leaves (some aren’t even turning), and some plants are changing their growing habits, including the lemon grass.  Fat Kitty is addicted to lemon grass, particularly if I chose the blades for her.  So, it’s a constant balancing act between her wants and no new lemon grass shoots (yes, she’s very fussy!).

Later she lay in the garden and watched to see if I was moving towards the kitchen and DINNER!

which gave me time to look at the few roses on my miniature rose bush:


and there were some petunias still flowering:


The pink ones are at the end of their time, I think…

Walking back into my study, I passed my protective griffin on the wall:

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have the time and energy to go walking.

I have enjoyed playing with these photos.  Hope the results were enjoyable.


(feeding time for Fat Kitty now)