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I’m not well, so no long walk in the park or anywhere else today.  I sat in a cafe on Beaufort Street briefly and took a few photos of a sunset swallowed by blessed clouds.  We might get some rain tomorrow – a light morning shower.  But the really good thing is that rain is forecast from Sunday to at least next Friday.  The bad thing is that I might be in hospital and will miss walking in the park with rain dripping off leaves, listening to the ducks quack as rain dimples the surface of what water remains.

I am glad I took photos of the cloud blossoms when I did and I will post them soon.

For the moment, just these, and I played with the editing suite a little …

I loved the look of the clouds building behind the buildings opposite the cafe, & making the photos black and white gives the clouds surprising power.


This photo, of clouds behind the city, was not altered, only framed.  But it is so grey apart from that patch of pale sky.

This is an old building so I made it into an  ‘old looking’ photo, and actually, the bricks in reality are only a little darker 🙂

And now – a couple of sunset photos.  I didn’t feel well enough to chase up and down street corners, and was a bit late for the subdued nature of it, all swallowed by clouds, blessed clouds 🙂

The colours aren’t altered, all I have done is frame them with a border:


Just a short post.  Hopefully, I will feel better soon.  Now I must get back to work.


& I forgot!  Oh – how could I forget – Of course she was waiting for me while I photographed the sunset, but it was windy so she was all blurry, so I played with her photo too:

12 comments on “quick photos

  1. mefreckles says:

    loving the cat – hope today you start to feel a little better ~x~


  2. Wendy Strahan says:

    Oh dear Keira ! I’m so sorry you are still feeling unwell . Hope you’ll be better soon . Do take care of yourself .
    Love and hugs


  3. niasunset says:

    Dear Keira, I am sorry that you don’t feel good. What can I do for you, please be fine… I hope there is nothing serious, I worry now. As always you captured nice photographs and also I loved your cat photograph too, it gives a different image this blurr… My heart will be with you whatever you have been living there. Angels be with you my dear Keira, with my love, nia


  4. Lee Ellzey says:

    Some nice shots.


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