Black & White

The idea for these came from a blog post by Don Cuney in his blog: Bad Puppet Productions –

His black & white flowers were so striking.

I have no flowers in my garden at the moment, only green, some of which are ferns, and beneath some:



I like the top 2 best.

9 comments on “Black & White

  1. KC says:

    Hi there! Nice pics…especially these, although I liked the cloud/sunset ones too. Sorry you’re feeling bad, I know how much that can suck. Bronchitis -and- conjunctivitis, myself, but at least I only write, I can do that sitting down. 😉

    I hope it’s nothing serious and that you’ll be up and about soon..I want to see more pictures!


    PS: I wrote you a little Tanka about your kitty. Hope you like it.

    cloud of black fur on my lap
    do you know I’m here?
    or am I just a soft spot
    for a sleeping cloud?

    soak up the sun, black cloud cat
    before the rain starts falling!



    • I Bloody LOVE it! Thank you 🙂 ‘cept she’s too big for my lap. Vuddly affectionate girl though 🙂 & I hope you like trees – I post a lot of trees.


      • KC says:

        Heh…I love trees. The way the sun filters through the leaves, or the fascinating differences in bark texture and color, even on the same tree sometimes, or the winding twisting branches that show the winds touch, through time. 🙂

        Just wish I could take decent pics…oh, well, at least I have my words to describe them, and blogs like yours and Nias to look at!



      • Excellent. There will be more trees – maybe even later tonight… 🙂


  2. niasunset says:

    I loved them all dear Keira. Especially B&W made them much more impressive… In the last one the shadows are so nice. Wonderful set. Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia


  3. Don Cuney says:

    Very awesome photos!!!


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