Sunny Autumn Afternoon

Warm & dry.  Not a heatwave, definitely cooler than earlier in the month, but it doesn’t really ‘smell’ like Autumn yet. There’s little crispness to the days, though I must admit, due to the amount of work on articles & the PhD, I stay up late and miss the early mornings.  The sunsets are still red and glowing too, I noticed, though the pastel coloured aftermaths are a little autumnal.  I am looking forward to the pale, pastel shades of winter.

But I have noticed the trees are not as full – their leaves are thinning, and the water levels in the ponds are continuing to fall so it looks as though the islands are growing.

Today I got some good shots of the heron, and really wish I had an SLR to catch the birds in flight.  There was a lot of activity on the ponds this afternoon.  And no joggers, which is a good thing.  The occasional runner is fine, mobs of them aren’t. I’ve discovered that when you click on a photo in the post, you get a full screen size, and some of these really do look good in the larger size.

And it was a windy afternoon, so some of the leaves are a wee bit blurred.  Sorry.

So, a selection of photos…

and this is also a sign of Autumn – my cat sitting on one of the chairs in my courtyard.  Normally she’s hiding from the heat either inside or under some of my ferns.  But here, she’s soaking up the gentler sun (it was still around 28 degrees C).

And finally: urban sunset complete with telephone wire.  It was an utterly clear sky.  No clouds.  I’m hoping for some on Sunday – along with some rain.  That would be something.

It was a good walk.

I hope you enjoyed these.  Keira 🙂

10 comments on “Sunny Autumn Afternoon

  1. golappan says:

    Always admire mother nature…thnx for sharing!!!


  2. Wendy Strahan says:

    I am so enjoying your gorgeous photos and descriptions of your peregrinations around Mt Lawley , Hyde Park and surrounds . Makes me homesick . I recognise the very trees in Hyde Park after 35 yrs of living in the area . Are you going to put them all together in a book ? It would be so good to have a record of the area before it becomes ” Subiaco ” and these lovely images are lost in the wind’s of time . I love those photos taken of Beaufort St when it is dark looking back into the city . Well , I actually love them all …roses ,trees ,streetscapes ,sunsets etc .So , a big thank you from me 🙂
    Love Wendy


    • Don’t know about a book, Wendy – but I’m really glad you’re enjoying the photos 🙂 I enjoy taking them. I love it that you recognize the trees!


  3. I am going somewhere else tomorrow – to the river. I will take more photos there and post them. Hopefully you will enjoy them also, although the colours will be very different.
    & thank you! Keira 🙂


  4. niasunset says:

    Wonderful post you did dear Keira, and I loved them all. How amazing you are living sunny autumn day and I live in here sunny spring day… Actually I love both seasons, they are my favorite… I can see that you live in such a beautiful landscape… I loved the trees and the colours… lake and reflections… Once I had an experience with this heron in UK, but I made him to fly because I was in panic to take his pictures… I am still learning how to be in calmness with my camera 🙂 Thank you, I enjoyed reading and watching them all. Your cat seems so adorable and how nice giving a pose to you. My Princess doesn’t like my camera whenever she notices she hides from me. But my other cat who died because of cancer he was great model of my camera… Blessing and Happiness for you all, with my love, nia


    • Ah Nia – yes, I love Spring too, but after such a long and very hot summer, I am looking forward to Winter. I hope we have winter. And yes, my cat is gorgeous but usually, instead of sitting still, she comes up to me for a cuddle. It can be difficult to catch her witha camera.
      The heron was not close, and was more interested in hunting. I used my zoom 🙂
      And the park is lovely – in the middle of all houses. But it is a nice area, old houses with lots of large trees and gardens.
      Enjoy your Spring, & I will enjoy my Autumn – I just wish it was colder!
      Have a beatiful day, Nia. 🙂


      • niasunset says:

        You are welcome dear Keira, I can say it was maybe the only chance I came very closer to a heron in my life and I made him fly!!!! I would like to see more from your beautiful country, you almost fascinated me. Thank you again, Love, nia


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