Hyde Park

I went walking with my little camera this afternoon.  It was still hot and I wondered whether there would be signs of what has become ‘mythical’ Autumn here in Perth.  Up north, a cyclone is battering the Pilbara and I have to admit I envy them the rain.  We could do with some here.  The interior will be getting it as well, a great swathe of cloud from the Pilbara all the way down to the south coast.  Perth is in a narrow coastal band that misses out.  We will just get squeezed between the various weather systems, and already, what had been forecast as a week where the temps would go down to 24, there’s nothing below 26 and nights not below 15.

It was a hot walk, and I wondered if the smoke on the horizon from Bold Park, a bush reserve near City Beach, almost on the beach, would affect the sunset, but kept going towards Hyde Park.

There was a wedding on, so there were quite a few people around.  I got some good shots though.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that, as the water level in the ponds has dropped, the bird life has changed (& this afternoon, for the first time, the ponds stank.  They are drying out).  There are a lot more waders around: storks and herons and spoonbills along with the normal sacred ibis and ducks and the goose.

The leaves are definitely browning, and in the light, the golden cast was astonishing.  The heat, the sunlight, they weren’t autumnal at all, but the leaves were.





It’s actually rather difficult to arrange these photos & include text.  But that was a selection of the photos I took today.  I should back through others – I know I have photos of a blue heron from the last few days.  The colours today were lovely, but it was rather warm & when I got to Beaufort street, there was no room at the cafes, which was a little annoying.  On the other hand, I did keep walking (after a little shopping) which meant it was a reasonably long, unbroken walk – until –

tonight’s sunset.  I missed most of the colours.  But it was stunning walking up the slight hills, watching it spill over the crest which William Street runs along.  And look who was waiting for me when I got home:

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  1. niasunset says:

    Fascinated me dear Keira, and you cat amazing… Blessing and Happiness for you all. Thanks and Love, nia


  2. More rambling in mtlawleyshire. Lovely in spite of the grim weather and sad state of the ponds in Hyde Park. I’m amazed by the bird life you’re seeing. I do remember the ponds being stinky some years, but I don’t remember seeing ibises. How wonderful. I love your tales of the shire. Keep them coming. Hope you get a place at the cafe next walk.


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