Fat Kitty in MtLawleyShire

I thought I would do a post dedicated to Fat Kitty.  There’s quite a few I haven’t posted recently…

These 2 are taken as I come in from one of my walks.  One she is pretending not to really notice (though her tail gives her away) and the other she is determined to frustrate my attempts to capture her in the camera.


She is a round little thing, though not that little, and she doesn’t look it in these 2 photos, but she is very sweet.  Actually, in the 2nd one, she does look sweet.


This one didn’t have quite enough light so was blurred, but I love the way she just lies, watching the world with those huge eyes.

But she is demanding.  This one was taken when I came back in from a walk: ‘WHERE’S MY DINNAH!’ she seems to be saying.

Actually, she’s not really.  She’s greeting me, ’cause I had been away for a while & she was waiting for me.  It’s very difficult to get a photo of her here because she jumps down and runs towards me so quickly.

She has, in the last few months, started talking to me quite frequently.  She always meows when I come home, but now, she meows through her purring when I rub her tummy.  Or she will come up to me when I’m working at my desk and meow for attention.  Not food, just saying hello.

In these 2 photos, she bored with me taking photos so starts washing.  I love how her fur is so glossy.  It’s also very soft, but there is so much of it!  She has to be combed every night and the only way she will let me do it is if it becomes part of the dinner routine.  So – before feeding, combing.  It takes quite a while.  She is a very fluffy cat.


These 2 are are action shots: she found evidence of a visitor, I think.


I love these 4: she was just sitting and I was able to get some good shots of her relaxed, though in one, she looks very alert.


And this I just played with.  The photo was a bit blurred, yet it still captures her expression.

So now you have seen more of Fattee Cattee.  I hope you enjoyed them.


Within MtLawleyShire – another park

This is a small park over the road from the campus of my university: Ron Stone park.  The Wast Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), part of Edith Cowan University, often do performances there.

It’s nothing like Hyde Park, but does have a pond with one island and is frequented by water birds.  There are many Jacaranda trees, and in Spring, they do look stunning, but I’ve concentrated on the island.  In the centre is a huge gum tree – I don’t know it’s a ghost gum or not, but has a white trunk.  I know it’s not a lemon scented – it’s growing habit it way too straight.  And I couldn’t get any close-ups except for zoom, because there’s no way onto the island.



It’s a pretty little place, the island, all delightful shadows, colours & tangles.  This is the island from a distance which gives you some idea of the height of the gum:


And this is a view of the island side on:

The following are zoomed shots of the plants on the island, at the foot of the tall white gum.


There are extensive reed beds, exposed by the low water levels, and they look astonishingly green.

Various views of the island and reflections of trees in the grounds around the pond, with Autumn colours belying the hot temperatures we’ve been experiencing:



There are some fascinating trees but I ran out of time, so only 3 today.  But I will be going to uni again, so there will be more:


And here is a magpie lark who kindly posed for me:


I hope you enjoyed my little sojourn in the easterly edge of MtLawleyShire.

Keira :-)

In the Heart of MtLawleyShire:Native flowers & Eucalypt blossom

These are flowers I took over the last couple of days.  The buds on the lemon scented gums and others mean there will be more flowers soon.

Grevillea – I love these.  They are such a beautiful colour (though there are colours other than scarlet.  I have posted one of yellow before, and I think a pale yellow as well) and occur in so many different places – waste ground, corners, neglected areas of gardens.  Birds love them.  If you have Grevillea in your garden, you will have many honeyeaters – & bees which will bring other types of birds as well.



a long bottlebrush flower:

And these, high up on a tree:

and these, on the tree next door:

and then, these:

The red were on a tree in someone’s garden so I couldn’t go in and get close ups:


And these yellow ones are out of story books (Australian: SnugglePot and CuddlePie, by May Gibbs).  The yellow is so beautiful, although the tree (in a later post) is twisted and old with rough bark and shape:


I hope you enjoyed these.  I enjoyed discovering them.

Keira :-)

The Heart of MtLawleyShire: Lemon Scented Gums

Easter – it’s a busy time, a strange time.  No time for walking to Hyde Park :-(  But I did get to pay more attention to the 5 – 10 minute walk I take so frequently down to Beaufort Street and back.  I found the unexpected amidst the beauty.

It’s all houses and garden and – street trees :-)  One one road, the council was shouted down when it wanted to remove the lemon scented gums.  They removed a few but not all, and though these trees are very old, they’re cropped so they don’t interfere with the power lines.  It has stunted their normally soaring grace, but the strength of them, their limbs, is accentuated.

The light was too bright, too harsh, to take as many photos of all the trees.  Just couldn’t get the angle right, but here they are:



And though they are cropped, though their limbs twist and bulge to contain their years within their restrictions, they are intensely valuable for wildlife.  Many Australian parrots like nesting in holes within trees and here (which is why many of them are now critically enfangered because logging decimates their environment), in the heart of urbia, 2 pink and grey galahs have found a suitable hole.  They were excavating as I took these.

And the branches, while distorted, are still beautiful:

And here is my favourite tree: the huge, uncropped lemon scented gum: the straight tall limbs.  I wish now I’d tried to take one of the main trunk, but there is one in an earlier post: March – A Short Walk.


I love it that there’s another tree type plant growing up where the trunk branches.  I’m now sure what type it is.  I hope it’s not a parasite & that other people have noticed.  This tree is heritage protected and is fully the largest tree for miles.

That’s it for the moment.  I hope you have enjoyed them.

Keira :-)

Trees: out of the ‘shire and back again

Today I went into the city & while I was there, took the opportunity to – you guessed it – take photos of trees :-)  In fact, as I drove there & back, passed so many amazing trees that I know I either have long walks ahead of me, or driving with detours.

These trees were on Adelaide Terrace, at the eastern edge of the Central Business District. From the side streets that go down to the river, you can look towards South Perth, on the other side of the river:

But outside the hotel where I met friends, there were trees.  The light and angles were difficult, so some photos were easier than others.  I also had to contend with traffic and the general untidiness of a major street in the city on a public holiday.

There were Morten Bay figs and young eucalypts – I don’t know which type, but they grow wonderfully straight.

These are Morten Bay figs:


These are the young eucalypts:



Some grow as straight as telephone poles.


Then it was home time and sunset.  As I walked up William Street to my favourite vantage points, I noticed flowers:



Then I noticed the light on the trees, the way it picked out branches, coating them in a reddish gold:



Then the sunset, but with the wide clear sky, it was more glow than anything else:


It the northern, southern and eastern skies, the colours of sunset ricocheted through clouds:


But the real glory of the night was this:

The Good Friday Moon:



Later, when all colours had fled and the night was truly dark, the shadows outside my gate were sharply incised against concrete paving silvered by the brilliance of the moonlight.

I don’t have a photo of that.  You will have to imagine it.

So, I had a busy day and now I must go to bed.  An even busier one tomorrow…

Cat and Garden

   Today was a day full of doctors and appointments.  So no walking around the park or the streets to see what all the trees and flowers are doing.  Clothes washing instead, probably just in time for the rain that has been threatening all day.  It wasn’t particularly pleasant: looks like Autumn, but is too warm.

When I got home, there was Fat Kitty wanting cuddles:

but more importantly, lemon grass.  The trouble is that, while it doesn’t feel like Autumn, some plants are acting as though it really is Autumn – some trees are losing coloured leaves (some aren’t even turning), and some plants are changing their growing habits, including the lemon grass.  Fat Kitty is addicted to lemon grass, particularly if I chose the blades for her.  So, it’s a constant balancing act between her wants and no new lemon grass shoots (yes, she’s very fussy!).

Later she lay in the garden and watched to see if I was moving towards the kitchen and DINNER!

which gave me time to look at the few roses on my miniature rose bush:


and there were some petunias still flowering:


The pink ones are at the end of their time, I think…

Walking back into my study, I passed my protective griffin on the wall:

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have the time and energy to go walking.

I have enjoyed playing with these photos.  Hope the results were enjoyable.


(feeding time for Fat Kitty now)

Cloud Blossom at Hyde Park

Despite not feeling all that crash hot, I did go down to Hyde Park, but I drove down, parked my little car and merely walked around the ponds.  I was intending to just walk to where I know I could see the trees, but of course, that wasn’t going to be enough.  I ended up walking around both ponds, though I was restrained in the amount of photos.

It’s very difficult to photograph, cloud blossom, and these trees are all on one of the islands, so I had to use the zoom.  They’re small, white bottlebrush type flowers, but being so pale, they’re  more difficult to see, and they don’t have the spectacular & showy scarlet that reflects in the water.  They’re more like a delicate light brushing over the foliage.

This far away, you don’t get to see the amazing trees themselves, their bark: paper bark, but I’ve shown that in some earlier posts, and will undoubtedly take more photos of it.  It’s rather beautiful, and feels so soft.

So, the photos:

These first two are of the island itself. for this moment in time – Cloud Blossom island :-)


Following – the trees & their blossoms.  In each, you will have to look carefully to see the blossoms.  My little camera, though wonderful, does have its limits :-(





Now some closer shots of trees and blossoms.  I noticed there weren’t many large trees – a few, mostly difficult to photograph against the light so that the flowers showed, so most of these are smaller trees.  Not a bad thing, just an observation.


The last two are the best shots I could get of the flowers themselves.  The zoom was stretching my little camera’s capabilities:


For those who don’t remember – here is a close-up of a cloud blossom (& bee) that I took from one of the trees halfway up the block from me.  This is also from an earlier post (Flowers, I think).  These trees just don’t photograph well in the suburban environment of house fronts and fences and telephone wires and poles.

So, that all the cloud blossoms.  They weren’t the only photos I took – there was also a spectacular sunset.  Next post :-)

Hope you enjoyed this.


Fat Kitty & camera: a wee photo essay

I am still not well, & not sure whether I’m better or worse at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any walking today either.  But it doesn’t mean my camera stays quiet.

After I returned from the hospital, my lovely cat greeted me, wanting attention.  Then she was happy to sit – until I got the camera out:




I finally got the camera strap back and fat kitty skipped off:


In my garden

Little post – not flowers or trees, because I did no walking today & there are not many flowers in my garden.  There, is, however, a cat, a dragon, many bells (though I only photographed one) and leaves.  Lots of leaves.

I took photos and then played ….

the dragon:


The tree fern (in front of a painting):



the wee temple bell – can you see it?  It is at an awkward angle to photograph.

& of course – kitty:

now I better get back to work…

enjoy :-)

quick photos

I’m not well, so no long walk in the park or anywhere else today.  I sat in a cafe on Beaufort Street briefly and took a few photos of a sunset swallowed by blessed clouds.  We might get some rain tomorrow – a light morning shower.  But the really good thing is that rain is forecast from Sunday to at least next Friday.  The bad thing is that I might be in hospital and will miss walking in the park with rain dripping off leaves, listening to the ducks quack as rain dimples the surface of what water remains.

I am glad I took photos of the cloud blossoms when I did and I will post them soon.

For the moment, just these, and I played with the editing suite a little …

I loved the look of the clouds building behind the buildings opposite the cafe, & making the photos black and white gives the clouds surprising power.


This photo, of clouds behind the city, was not altered, only framed.  But it is so grey apart from that patch of pale sky.

This is an old building so I made it into an  ‘old looking’ photo, and actually, the bricks in reality are only a little darker :-)

And now – a couple of sunset photos.  I didn’t feel well enough to chase up and down street corners, and was a bit late for the subdued nature of it, all swallowed by clouds, blessed clouds :-)

The colours aren’t altered, all I have done is frame them with a border:


Just a short post.  Hopefully, I will feel better soon.  Now I must get back to work.


& I forgot!  Oh – how could I forget – Of course she was waiting for me while I photographed the sunset, but it was windy so she was all blurry, so I played with her photo too: